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Yeast rehydration and trub


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Hi all,

Tonight I tried rehydrating my yeast rather than pitching it directly into the wort, it is something I'll continue in the future, as it was nice to see it become active.

This is my 3rd brew over the last few months and I noticed that the amount of trub soon after pitching, looks very similar to the amount I have after a full ferment. The obvious question then is, how much trub have I been creating from fermentation, and how much has been produced from the initial process of the yeast rehydrating?

To reduce the amount of trub, wouldn't it be better to just pitch the liquid with suspended yeast and leave the trub? Granted, fermentation may start later, but I'd prefer a clean start rather than fermenting with all that trub from the beginning.


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Ok, thanks mate, that actually makes sense.  I didn't even know what cold break was, but after a quick read it sounds like the answer.  I'll be more observant with that next time.


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