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Gday All

Nothing new, but now and the next month or 2 if you are wanting to get in to all grain brewing wether it be  BIAB or full all grain
the Brewzilla 35l 3.1.1  series may well be  reduced in price   to clear any old stock Kegland have   $399 but keep an eye out i am sure they will reduce these down

as  2 weeks time The gen 4 35l brewzilla will be on the shelves  at $599   with a new controller set up and will be part of the rapt intergration

So thought i would give you all a heads up    if you dont want the gen 4 35l brewzilla which is replacing the brewzilla 35l

and i am sure the same will happen with the 65l

also  they will have a 100l brewzilla soon as well but be prepared this will be mainly 3 phase system

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