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Thomas Coopers Brew A IPA


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Hi guys,

I ordered A Thomas Coopers Brew A IPA 5 gallon

And I put it in the bucket with 

Briess CBW Dry Malt Extract (DME) for Home Beer Brewing (Golden Light, 1 pound

and the yeast , only these three things is that enough or should I add sugar just normal sugar to produce alcohol if I have to how much of normal sugar should I add to the bucket .

I'm waiting for the answer ASAP 

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You’ll want some more fermentables in there, probably should have got 3 x 1 pound packs of the DME for 23l (~6 gallons) or 2 for 19l (5 gallons). If you don’t have another to hand and you already have it on, then put 500g (1 pound) normal sugar in if you’re only doing it to 19l.. I definitely would be trying to avoid the regular sugar with that kit as it’s meant to be full bodied, and the sugar will take away from some of that.



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