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What are the signs of infection?


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On my 6th brew and no infection yet. Just curious if there are any signs I can look/taste for?

My current brew with the real ale concentrate had a good krausen for the 1st couple of days but has gone down in the last day or so. The bubbles that form on the wort are still there but just a thin layer and they are still popping which suggests the fermentation is on track. Temp started at 26c and worked its way down to the current 20c.


Does fermentation continue even if infected? Not overly worried at the moment, just general curiosity.



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Does fermentation continue even if infected?


Yes! Every brew, we ferment, has some degree of contamination from organisms like wild yeast and bacteria.


Some signs of spoilage:

a white film developing over the brew

smells like almond essence

smells vinegary

smells like a band aid (this may sound weird but it is the best likeness to the smell)

tastes sour

a ring and /or film on the top of the beer inside the neck of the bottle

becomes hazy in the bottle

gushes out of the bottle


If your beer displays any of these signs it is not likely to get any better with age - expect it to become worse!

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