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Saaz Pale Ale


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Hello, I'm new to home brewing, with this being my third brew (my wheat beer is going down great guns).


Brewing a K+B Coopers APA with a few changes to use up leftovers


1 x Coopers APA tin

1.1kg Coopers LDME

200g Dex

100g Maltodextrin

15g Saaz @ 60min

Dry hopped 25g of Saaz @ 5 days at 18c

Added one pack of old Coopers yeast 1 min before flame out, made up a starter for another and sprinkled a third over the top (experimenting).

Extra 5 days in FV at 18c

Dropped to 1c for 7 days


Have bottled this the day after Boxing Day. It is tasting quite good. I was a little apprehensive about using the Saaz and the prospect of it developing a grassy taste, but so far so good. It seems like it will be a very easy to drink beer. I will brew another batch today, but use cascade instead. Will this taste as good?





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Hey Stu

Welcome to the Guild.

It sounds like your brewing career is going great guns, you are in the right place to move from Kit & Kilo to Kits & Bits.

As for your next brew I personally would be looking to cut the 1st addittion of Cascade to around the 20 minute mark. This will ensure you get a balance between the Citrus flavour and some bitterness from the boil. But then I rarley boil for longer than 20 mins when using a hopped can as a base.

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