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Through the Looking Glass - Dark Ale


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This one is inspired by the White Rabbit Dark Ale.


Steep in 10 litres @ 70c for 30 mins.

\u2022 Caramunich 2 ( 500g )

\u2022 Carafa 3 ( 250g )


Bring to boil and add hops.

\u2022 East Kent Goldings ( 60g ) @ 60 mins.

\u2022 Cascade ( 35g ) @ 10 mins.


Light Dry Malt Extract ( 2.3kg )

Dextrose ( 250g )


Top up to 23 litres.


Nottingham yeast.


Ferment @ 18c



I also bottled 6 x 740ml bottles with a double shot of coffee in the bottle.

I ran starsan through my coffee machine beforehand and sanitised as best I could.


This has turned out a very tasty beer.


If I had to change anything I'd probably just drop the dex.

It doesn't need the extra abv at all, so it doesn't really add value.


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I've only tried one of the coffee ones.

It'd been in the bottle a month and I must say it's delicious.


I wanted a strong coffee flavour along the lines of Burleigh Brewings Black Giraffe.


I went for a mild coffee roast so as not to overdo the bitterness.

I used the mildest in this range Woolworths Macro

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