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Sweet apple cider

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It can be done! Normally yeast will ferment out almost all the sugars in a cider, so you will need to let it ferment out dry before back-sweetening with apple juice and/or sugar. You could back-sweeten it to around 1.015 in the bottling bucket then bottle into glass.


Now here's the important bit. You will need to pasteurise the bottles to kill the yeast when they are carbonated enough, otherwise you will have a batch of bombs. [pouty]


Luckily, the whole pasteurising process is very easy to do on the stove. [happy]


Check out this link -> http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f32/easy-stove-top-pasteurizing-pics-193295/


There you have it. Sparkling sweet cider homebrew!


I pasturised my first batch of dry boysenberry cider the other night without any issues.

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