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Coopers Real Ale + Honey + Brown Sugar


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I am quite new to home brewing, and this forum (5 brews completed, 1st post this forum)[innocent]

Yesterday I made up a batch using basic Coopers stuff plus i added some extras,asf,


1xCoopers Real Ale Tin 1.7kg

1xCoopers Brew Enhancer 2 - 1kg

150gm Raw Brown Sugar

150gm Pure Beechworth Honey

Yeast from Coopers Real Ale Can


I boiled the Brew enhancer, honey & sugar briefly and stood for 15 mins. Didn't add any extra hops at all, just wanted to give it a little more strength, as well as a light honey flavor. OG was 1048, yeast has started working already. This is the first brew I made without using a kit and a small amount of my own input. hoping it will end up being what I aimed for, or should I have added something else such as hops, or a better yeast? Never used Coopers stuff before either, so Coopers veterans please advise. As i type, I had just discovered that the yeast is working so hard that it pushed all the water out of my airlock. Having poured a little more water into the airlock, I now see the bubbling is happening literally non stop, and it has foamed inside up to the lid, indicating some serious fermenting activity! Have not had this happen on any of the 5 previos batches I made which were not Coopers, but all beer kits of different types from my lhbs.


Any advice greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Martin

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Hiya Martinr8.


I'm in a similar situation to yourself, where I am still in the process of creating THE MAIN beer style I would like to brew most of all. I'm a little bit further down the track where I am experimenting with different hop flavours to give my beer a truly distinctive taste.


What I would suggest though is continue heading in the path you are heading by modifying say 1-2 things at a time from this base recipe (Tin kit). By doing this & tasting each batch afterwards, you will learn a lot more about each alteration you have made, & how it has influenced the changing taste of your brew.


Beyond that, navigate over to the "Talk Brewing" section of this forum, and you will discover a lot more talk about recipes that will have you heading in the direction you want with your brews.



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