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Hey PP

It depends to what level you're at with you're brewing.


Easiest way to spice it up a bit is to add some grains and hops. I've gone all out with one at the moment. See this thread for some ideas.


Although I say I am brewing a "Bavarian" dunkel, it would be closer to the real thing with proper malts (melanoidin type apparently).

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You're definitely better off going with malt extract. Maybe try a hop tea using 20g of hallertau hops - if you have coffee plunger you can use that to steep it for 10 mins and plonk it in.

Either a light dry malt or liquid malt would be fine.

Try getting IanH's spreadsheet (great for helping to design beers) - someone on here has posted a link for downloading so i will try to find an edit this post if i do. This will help with the quantities.



[EDIT] success looks like you may just have to request it from mr. Clown

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