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Hey all Brewers

Looking in brewing a Irish Stout with my 2nd kit.I see on youtube a lot of them boil over from high fermentation...Is that the case with all of the stouts?

Any tips on this?

Welcome Paul

The darker the beer the higher the Krausen (foam & bubbles). So far with my brewing the Stout has had the highest Krausen, but this has not been a problem as I have a DIY fermenter with the Krausen collar. If you have one of these you will be OK, if not then only fill your fermenter to 18 litres initially and add the remaining water once the Krausen dies down.

Good Luck.


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Hi Paul,


Yes, that is the case for all stouts and dark beers. If you are worried about an overflow of foam out of the fermenter then brew your stout at a lesser volume (ie 18L) then top it up to full volume once the krausen (foam) dies back after a couple of days.


Good luck

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