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Aussie IPA

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Heres a recipe I found and bottled 2 weeks ago. Your Aussie Galaxy Hop is a great find.


1.5kg Light LME

1kg Amber DME

450g Caramel

225g Munich

225g Carapils

28g Cascade Bittering

84g Galaxy (28g Bittering 28g Aroma 28 Aroma)

US-05 Ale Yeast


Steep grains in 9.5 litres of 67C for approximately 20 minutes.


1.Add Cascade bittering hops and LME

2. Boil 40 minutes

3. Add remaining DME & 28g Galaxy Flavouring and 1 tsp Irish Moss

4. Boil 15 minutes

5. Add 28g Galaxy aroma hops

6. Boil final 5 minutes

7. Terminate boil & add 28g Galaxy aroma hops.










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