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PB2's Choc Liqueur Stout

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Hey Brew-dudes/dudettes,


Just had a crack at Pauls new stout recipe [happy] .

With a couple of slight changes.


Coopers OS stout can

Coopers Amber LME

200g Choc malt

200g Roasted barley

10g Golding pellet @ 5 min


I will dry hop @ day 3 with 15g Golding

The recipe then calls for 50 Ml. Choc flavoured spirit essence, but I could only get Swiss choc almond liqueur essence- smells sorta like Nuttella (yes I know that's Hazelnut/choc!)


The other difference is using a Safale US 05 yeast, as I like it.


Okay, it's got a few more changes, but I can live with it.


Please tell me if my choice of Liqueur essence will cause a catastrophie [bandit] & I will ditch it!


Thats all!!




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Hey Brock


I'm starting to think that you can't go wrong with a Dark/Black Beers. I have one down at the minute with:

Coopers Irish Stout Kit

900g Light Dry Malt

300g Dark Brown Sugar

200g Choc Malt grain

100g Roasted Barley

80ml Wyeast 1275 (rinsed)

OG = 1.045


Put this down on 02/08/2012 (should be able to bottle on 22/08)and tested SG Monday, down to 1.014, had to have a taste. I love those roasted flavours, I could have drank a bottle or two right away. I'm planning another EB Porter soon, doing an English Pale Ale this week, and the way these go down I could continue brewing these all summer. I also made the English Stout from how to brew its good, but not as good as the other two two (my 26 yo son reckons its Mickey Mouse and ordered a dozen, then when he tried my Porter I had to tell I was out as its almost too good to share [innocent] ).

Didn't think I'd end up a Stout man when I set out, I still recall my 16 yo daughter asking "Dad why are you making Black Beer" when I put down that first one.


Black is Good [love]


PS I haven't kegged one yet but that's on the cards as well.

BTW I wonder how some Creme de Cacoa would go if your after a chocalate Stout or Porter?


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Hey Nelson, I also made the English Stout RotM, and a Porter from the EB tin, and am waiting for both of them to mature as they just taste like "homebrew" so far - i.e. green

The stout was bottled 23/3/12 (so almost 5 months) and the Porter 17/6/12 (only 2 months).

How long is long enough? 6 months? A year?


Does the temp play a part in the conditioning as well as carbing up? The beers are all carbed nicely (I stored them inside for 2 weeks @ about 19degrees) but now they're in the shed which is probably averaging around 10.

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Adam, I hope it doesn't taste like Nutella too much!- I'm not aiming for a novelty beer [lol] .


Scott, in regards to the dark side of brewing-

Once you go Black, you'll never go back!

Except for IPA's, pales, Wheats...

I suppose you can make them all black too!


Most of my mates just screw their noses up at the thought of a dark beer, well more stout for me!

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