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What to do with a Heritage Lager?


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Hi Daniel. I've never made a Heritage Lager (or any lager for that matter) but from what I've heard, I'd probably do something like this:


1 x HL kit

1 kg pale DME

200g Dextrose

25g Hallertau hops, steeped in some hot water and thrown in with the rest of the stuff.


Ferment 10-12*C until FG is reached, then leave another 5-7 days.


Prime @ 7-8g sugar per litre (lagers are supposed to be fizzy)


Bottle condition for 3 months.





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so I was just given a can of Heritage Lager for my birthday


any recipe ideas to use this can as a base?

Hi Daniel,i do this simple recipe as a nice session beer alot.

1 x HL Kit

1 x 1.5 LME

1 X Pride Of Ringwood infusion bag.

Very simple & very drinkable

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