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Real Ale thoughts.


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Gday Gents, i've got a tin of Real Ale. I've also got 250g of Munich Malt and some hallertau, motueka, amarillo, cascade and US willamette.

Would the Munich go well with the Real Ale?

And would any of these hops be suitable with it?

I am thinking the Munich with the hallertau.

What do ya reckon ??

Thoughts appreciated.



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Hey Brendan


I guess it depends on what style you want. If you want a German style, go with your suggestion plus 1.5kg of LME.


Otherwise, you could easily get an American style (most likely an amber ale or perhaps IPA) beer using the malt + your US hops and again, 1.5kg LME.


Here's a link to a similar thread if you're interested.


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Hey B,


I think the OS Real makes for a really good base kit for your hoppier American style PA's of IPA's. I think the IBU's are 52 for the kit which makes it moderately bitter by itself so only late hop adds are adviced. Especially with the Motueka and Amarillo which are high Alpha Acid. A little bit of these hops as late adds. goes a long way and could make your brew way too twangy at the 10min-30min ranges if one got too exited. Try small adds.(5g) at multiple times (20, 15, 10, 5mins). Try a variety of hops for a more complex profile. Moderation is prefered when experimenting. This is not always the case when it comes to putting theory to practise for me, personally.


I don't think the German theme works with the OS Real for my taste. It's more of an American base.


Light or amber malt with crystal malt works fine keeping in mind the amber malt has added crytal already to bump up the sweetness.


If you check out the thread Dylan linked to you will see a recipe for an IPA with Amarillo, Nelson Sauvin & Cascade. Maybe Motueka would be a good substitue for the N.S.(can't say).


I think the Munich malt would work as a experimental crystal malt for any style just to add some character, mouth feel and head retention for any style brew. If that's what you got then use it.[rightful]

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