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OS Lager into other beers?

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Greetings brewing friends.

So, I have a spare can of the OS lager (I bought a second DIY kit so I have 2 FV's to pump out the beers). Is there anyway I can use this to make an IPA? Is the following feasible or just [sick]


1 x Can OS Lager

0.5 kg DME (what i've got left)

0.5 kg Med. Crystal (I want to use it up before it's too old)

BE1 (600g dextrose, 400g Maltodextrin) (to get the OG up)


I have some galaxy flowers that I opened a little while ago so they need to get used. This is what I thought....


30 g Galaxy flowers @15 mins

15 g Cascade pellets @ 15 mins (again, been opened for a while and it's what's left)

15 g Galaxy flowers @ 5 mins


Made to 21 L


Kit yeast (ale + lager mix) rehydrated (or multiples)


OG = 1.058, FG = 1.017

IBU = 56.9

5.6% ABV


Brewed at 20 degrees C


Any other suggestions welcome.

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Hi Adam,


I personally have never made any thing taste very good with the OS Lager can. But since you have one to use I say you go for a Toucan.


OS Real/Lager

.5Kg BE1

.5Kg Med. Crytal

15g Cascade (5mins)

5g Galaxy (5mins)

30g Galaxy (dry hop)

US-05, Notto, or 2 packets of kit yeast

23L water


OG 1.060 FG 1.016

IBU 55.6

ABV 5.9%

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Sweet that sounds good. I have a brewshop near my work so I can easily pick up some Hallertau and lager yeast :)


I might get some malt extract cans while I'm there and make a galaxy IPA with all the flowers I've got - mmmmmmmm


[EDIT] done - Saflager W-34/70 now in the freezer along with some hallertau pellets.[love]

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Put this down last night, slightly modified from Chad's recipe to get the SGs up (and use up some ingredients).


Almost Bavarian Dark (no Bavarian grains, so it's not quite there).


OS Lager Can

0.5Kg Med Crystal

0.2Kg Chocalte malt

0.5kg DME

1Kg BE1

Saflager W34/70 rehydrated around 20 degrees (as per Fermentis instructions) then brought down to 16 by letting it sit out in the brewing shed where it was 11)

23L water

20g Hallertau (dry hop)


Pitched at 16 degrees and brought down to 12 degrees where it will stay for a few weeks I guess. I plan on transferring to a secondary and lager for 2-3 weeks.

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Sounds good, Adam. Let me know when the party's on and I'll try to make it![biggrin] Who do you think's going to be playing in the final?


Racking to a secondary is a practice that has fallen from favour in recent times but I still use it all the time. I find that I can keep the brewery busier by racking and freeing up my PVs. You can get around to bottling at you leisure. You saw in my German Mild post that I held back of from bottling for 5 weeks after the ferment was finished! I use 5 glass carboys for secondaries in my brewery and have 2-3 primary fermenters operating at all times for wine & beer[joyful] .


When lagering this brew try to keep it between 2-4C (after you reach FG[rightful] ) .


See youu at the end of September![lol]

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