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Greeting Brewers,


I'm new to this forum, and getting stuck into brewing for the first time since I brewed as a uni student to save some coin. Good to be back.


First off, I'm thinking of chucking on a Real Ale - so far the recipe reads:


1 X can Coopers Real Ale

500g Brew Enhancer 2 (to kick up the Alc %)

1kg Ultra Brew (50% LDME; 25% corn syrup; 25% dextrose)

Kit yeast


Any ideas of how this might turn out, or wasy to improve?


Cheers and beers,


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well the bitterness in the can is more than enough IMO but if you like hop flavour try steeping some hops for say 15 minutes to add flavour to the brew.


Do you have a favourite hop or used them before? if so give it a crack and see how you go. If you can get your hands on Light Dry Malt and Dextrose seperatly its worth giving them a crack if not Brew Enhancers will still do the job good luck mate.

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depends on personal taste my favourites are


East Kent Goldings


the list goes on and on maby go to a home brew store and have a look there are hundreds i think if not shit loads more than i can mention


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