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Simple Wheat Beer


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I'm thinking up a simple wheat beer like this:

1.36 KG Wheat DME

1.5 KG Wheat LME (Coopers)


14 g Sorachi Ace (~13.7 Alpha) 20 min

14 g Sorachi Ace (~13.7 Alpha) 7-10 min


19 L gallon batch, US-05 yeast, full boil


Is this going to be bitter enough? All the calculators tell me everything will be OK, but I just haven't had a short boil time like that without hopped LME. I've heard the Sorachi is quite lemony and I thought it would be a complement to the wheat beer. Also, I'm trying to see if I can hook my wife on at least one of my home brews.


I know a 20 minute boil is safe for bacteria and all that, I am not sure if that is 'OK' for the end product.



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I have done 20 minute boils before..... I have even done an AG with only a 10 minute hop addition. No probs.


Don't forget to convert your recipe to metric for this site. Australian site with Australian measurements you are more likely going to get more responses. People don't like having to convert everything just to provide advise.

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