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Why is my Yeast stressed?


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I put down an Irish Red Ale on Monday

Coopers Pale Ale

500g LDM

200g Medium Crystal

50g Roasted Barley

kit yeast


I pitched the yeast at 22'C into a wort with a specific gravity 1.033. The yeast code is 31911, appears to be pretty fresh. The following day FV temp was 19'C with a huge Krausen. On Wednesday the temp was 17'C the Krausen had reduced to what I normally expect but the whole room smelt like rotten eggs [crying] [sick] .


I have used this yeast several times before and pitched as high as 28'C and SG of 1.042 without stressing the yeast.


I hear that the sulphur smell will reduce with time in the bottle but this one was for my first kegging attempt, not much point in kegging it as I will be keen to try it early. Looks like another setback and now I need to decide whether to delay my English Stout which is destined for bottles in favour of a Mornington Pale Ale for the keg [pouty] .

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I wouldn't say you have stressed the yeast. It can be just the yeast itself and totally unavoidable. I reckon just let it go for now and you should find that most of the smell will disipate by the time you are ready to keg/bottle.


I'd be interested to hear what it is like after a week or 2 in the FV.

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