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Perverted Irish Red


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Evening all, I need some thoughts on a recipe I've thrown together. Tell me what I'm doing wrong!


Things going in:

- 1.7 kg Coopers Lager Malt Extract

- 500g Ultra Brew (from The Country Brewer; 50% light malt/ 25% maltodextrin/ 25% dextrose)

- 150g Dark crystal malt

- 75g Roasted Barley

- Perle hops pellets (AA 7.6%)

- Fuggles hops pellets (AA 5%)

- Yeast


Plan for the hops:

- 15g Perle pellets (7.6% Alpha) 50 minutes

- 15g Fuggles pellets (5% Alpha) 50 minutes

- 10g Perle pellets (7.6% Alpha) 5 minutes

- 10g Fuggles (5% Alpha) 5 minutes


Any recommendations for a particular kind of yeast?


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Now that I've tried to work out the potential IBU of this brew that seems way off.


The Coopers Lager Extract on its own should be 25.1 (according to the calculation for IBU in the FAQ and the can's IBU of 340). With the hops too, the IBU would be around 50.


If 50 IBU is average for an IPA, that sounds too hoppy for this, so I'm going to drop the amount and times for the hops; 15 grams of each in the last 15 minutes, and 5 grams of each in the last 5.

At this point the IBU should be around 33-37 (in total).


That sounds hoppy for an Irish Red, but I'm hoping that the malt will keep up with it...

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Hi Stuart,


I think your brew looks good,it will have a nice dark colour. I would get the IBU's a little lower. Maybe, go with your planned schedule but cut them all back to 5g each. You mentioend that you hoped the malt content would balance the bitterness. I don't think you have much malt in your brew. I say use your "Ultra Brew" this time but the next time go with straight LDM instead.


By the way, your recipe reminds me of a Marzen recipe I was toying lately. Simply by swapping up the roasted barely for Choc. Malt and the Fuggles for Hallertau or more Perle and a Bavaria lager yeast and then...Whamo! you're sittng in a beer tent at Oktoberfest![tongue] [wink]


As far as your choise of yeast goes. Try to go for one that is suited to the style check out the Wyeast line.


I hope some of this helped.

Good Luck,

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These are only estimated figures for your current recipe. They are:


IBU = 43.6

OG = 1.039

FG = 1.011

ABV = 3.8%


To remain in the style of an Irish Red you should:

Raise the OG, lighten the color a little and change your hop schedule to lower the bitterness imo.


To achieve this you could drop the roast barley and up the dark crystal to 500g and throw another 200g dextrose at it.

10g Perle @ 15

10g Fuggles @ 15

10g Perle @ 0

10g Fuggles @ 0

WLP004 yeast


The above suggested adjustment would put you right on the edge of an Irish Red style. nevertheless, it is your brew and you can obviously do with it as you wish [cool]

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Follow up: This beer turned out decent, but if I were to do it again I would change a few things. The roasty flavours dominate, but I'd prefer more maltiness (and hoppiness, though that would presumably knock it further away from being an Irish red).

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