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I'm onto my 7th coopers brew now so am thinking of starting to get experimental.


I have a bag of Feijoa green tea, which I was wondering if it could be used as flavouring to make a beer have a feijoa taste.


I was thinking of using the mexican kit as it is quite light and fruity already :


1 x mexican cseveza

1 x BE2

45g fejoa tea made into tea (2 Litres of hot water)




1) Am I crazy using a flavoured tea for beer flavouring?

2) Will the green tea bit of the tea have terrible effects on the beer?

3) Would it be better using a different base (like a toucan or something)?

4) Is it worth it having a punt or should I adventure else where with other hops etc?


BTW have a smoty ale in the fermenter ATM so have heaps of east kent goldings left over.


When you make the tea up the feijoa taste overpowers any green tea taste which is why I thought it may work. The other thing I can do is seperate the fejoa from the green tea as it's very coarsely chopped???



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