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Honey brown lager


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Just wanted to start with that this is my 1st post, and that my very 1st brew(Aussie Pale Ale) is currently fermenting and I am going insane with planning out recipies. I know just starting I should stick with some basic recipies to get my feet wet, but I love how customizable you can get with beer brewing and tend to go overboard too fast.....


I havent dabbled with hops yet, going to start that soon. Also wanted to note that I live in italy, and have yet to find any local vendors for supply, so I have limited resources and have to order offline.


I think I just got it in my head to make a Honey brown, and this is entirely using the few ingredients I have, Just wanted to know if it will be too sweet, too malty, to dark etc(forgive my complete lack of experience, please)


1 Can Coopers Lager

1 can Amber extract

1.5 lbs Honey

1 lb Dark Candy syrup D-90

1/2 lb Brew enhancer 2

Saf Lager S-23 Dry yeast


By my calculations it will come to between 5-5.5% And will be pretty dark brown. The more I read, the more I think that the honey will be completely unnoticable and overpowered by the malty darkness, Should I take away some of the syrup and add more honey?


Or, will this not turn out well and I should stick with premade recipies for more batches?


Thanks In advance!


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Ok, Replanned it. Also switched to metric, Forgot I am on a AU website, just want to make everything easy.


23 liters

1.7kg Can Coopers Lager

1.5kg Amber malt extract

1kg Honey

.250kg Brew enhancer #2


Lager s-23 dry yeast.


Any thoughts? Too much honey?

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Hi Joseph. You sound just like me. I am on my third brew but am so excited and planning a million different brews already. Have asked my Mrs. if I can get another kit already haha.


I can't comment on the quantity's but that sounds like a lot of honey - the type of honey could have a massive effect I imagine, depending on the taste. Have a look at this post. Have you had Bees Knees from Australia? That is a honey beer, which for my pallet is too sweet. [sick]

The ABV would be quote high too I imagine - with 1kg Honey in addition to the malt and BE2 about 6.5% according to the magic spreadsheet). [devil]

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