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Belgian Style Ale - Please post recipes here


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I was after a fairly simple kit recipe for a Belgian style beer.

Im a big fan of James Squires Abbey Ale.

Can anyone help[pinched]

I haven't tried the JS Abbey Ale but have heard it is is very similar to Leffe Blonde...


If you want to keep it real simple with no spec. grain or additional hopping...

For 20 litres

Cooper's Aust. Pale Ale

1 Kg Light DME

400 grams Golden Syrup (because it is inverted sugar, cheaper than Belgian candi sugar and easier than making your own candi syrup)

250 grams raw sugar.

15 grams coriander seeds ground

20 grams of grated bitter orange skin (use grapefruit if you cant get bitter orange or a regular orange if you have it on hand)

Boil the orange and coriander for 15 mins, strain and use the liquid to mix the fermentables.

Try to get an Abbey Ale (White Labs #WLP530 or similar)yeast, it makes a difference. Make a starter if you can...


I personally would like to add some Saaz and/or Stryian Goldings, but we are keeping it simple.

You could even leave the orange and coriander out, but then hopping would really be needed...


The above wont give you JS Abbey nor Leffe Blonde but will be close to a Belgian Pale Ale

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The kit is already bittered so flavour/aroma hops are the only additions required.

I'd start with 20 grams saaz or styrian goldings (any noble hop really), preferably boiled 15 mins in 1.040 wort, but steeped for 30 mins in boiled water (off the heat) for 30 mins then use the strained liquid to mix the fermentables...

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