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reactivating coopers yeast + dregs ?


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Hi All


I'm attempting my first yeast reactivation from 3 CPA stubbies and a long neck (BBQ leftovers). Anyway I poured all the dregs into sanitized 1.25L then added the cooled 500ml water +50g malt+sugars.

It's only been over night so cannot see head forming yet. But what I wanted to ask is once its ready do I pour out the dregs under the yeast and pitch the yeast straight into FV + wort on brew day. Can I just swirl the bottle for easier yeast pouring or add cooled boiled water ?


I'm not too thrilled about pouring dregs + yeast into the new brew.... interesting to see what others have done ?





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Firstly I would have started at 50ml, then let ferment out, step up to 500ml, let ferment out, and then step to 1.5-2lt.


I would normally chill the yeast iin the fridge for 3-4 days and then clean with cooled boiled water, ie pour off beer from starter and add cooled boiled water, shake/swirl for a few minutes, and leave on bench for half hour, trub/rubbish will settle to the bottom leaving the good yeast in suspension, pour this off into another sanitised flask, get to pitching temps and then use.


There were a few topics here recently on this subject with a few good likns for information. (I havnt the time to find them for you)



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