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I looking for a brewer in Newcastle area that brews stout. So that I can trade them a bottle of any type of beer that I have for a bottle of stout, as I have been thinking that of pitching a stout. The last time i tried stout I wasn't that keen on it but I was only 17 or 18 at the time and now I would like to see if may or may not like it. As I have only pitched beers that I know I will like/drink.

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Trent if you don't find a taker just go to the bottlo and grab a bottle of Coopers Best Extra Stout.


If you like it, go to the supermarket and grab the ingredients to make the following recipe...it'll be similar to the commercial stout but will have a slightly higher alcohmohol content:


1 x Cooper OS Stout


1 x Cooper OS Dark Ale


1kg Dextrose


Use both kit yeasts or a recultured coopers yeast and make it to 23L (Be careful it is a very volcanic fermentation [rightful] ).


Age in the bottle for 6 months +

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