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Pitched my 13th batch yesterday, since April this year

Beer Loving Trent

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I started brewing at the start of April 2011, and I pitched m 13th batch yesterday,[biggrin] I now have pitched 2, lagers, 2 draughts, 2 bitters, 2 English Bitters, 2 mexican cervezas, 2 Canadian Blonde and one dark ale. My first batch was a crappy Tooheys kit and I got a crappy result[roll] I have used mainly coopers kits since and have had great results. I am looking forward til the warmer months when I can start to pitch ales again as I am holding off from drinking my dark ale. I tried my first batch of English bitter and enjoyed it, I was hoping it would taste something similar to Kent Old, which it didn't but I still enjoyed it nonetheless[cool] .


So thank you and cheers for all the help so far, and thank you for all the help yet to come.


Happy brewing to you all and to another 13 batches[love] !

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I've bottled 11 batches pitched 13. I try bottle every Friday night and pitch every Saturday. I always try and keep my two FV going.


Weggl not as much as I like, I usually only drink Friday and Saturday's, and State of Origin nights except for the last one because I had a tooth pulled out that morning and my 6 month old daughter smacked me in the jaw right where the tooth was pulled out sending me into shock. I only drank Friday this weekend due to the jaw still being swollen, them dentist have to been saddists as they told me it should stop the pain, been in worse pain since they pulled the damn tooth.


If you want a number I usually drink on average 3-4 longnecks per night on Friday's & Saturday's, because I brew my beer to around 5.7%, I did 7 long necks the Friday night of the June long weekend, but I don't remember going to bed, although I was glad on the next morning to see that I had put my FV on to sanitize



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