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Adding more sugar?


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I just took my OG after finishing mixing my IPA and its reading 1030... does this mean my ABV will be quite low after bottling like around 3.5%? would it be worth adding more sugars?

i started with 500g Dextrose, 250g Maltodextrin and 250g Light Malt.

this is only my 2nd brew any advice would be greatly appreciated [happy]



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Adding more simple sugar would add alcohol to the brew but might be detremental to the flavour. After my calculations the OG should be more around 1038 (I could be wrong as I dont often calculate these) but I would leave it ferment as normal.


The brew will still taste great but may not be high in alcohol. let it be and see how it goes.


BTW, the reason it might not be 1038 is because it wasnt mixed properly, this is not an issue unless you want to know the ABV as it will ferment out as normal anyway.


Just ferment around 20C and it will be great

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I rigously stir it while adding all of the water and give it a big stir when it is at 23L.


I have often not stired in all of the ingredients, but in the end it makes no differance to the brew unless you are looking for an alcohol %

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