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Hi all its been a little while since my last post I have just got back from my honeymoon in thailand. apart from all the normal honeymoon activities[bandit] i tried a fair bit of beer i was a bit dissapointed with the comercial beers over there singha is the best and thats not saying much but it goes down well in the heat. I come across a brew bar called full moon brew work in a shopping center in phuket it was great craft beer and the staff where realy friendly they had beers using rice malt and black sticky rice malt.

for my first brew back i want to make a beer using some rice malt I remember reading a thread about some you can but at coles but cant find it did anyone end up using some? is it fermentable and will it just add flavour? any help would be much appricated im still thinking up the brew need some more food for thought[biggrin]

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Hi Ben,


This is what I came up with for my Rice malt experiment:


Columbia Valley Cream Ale

1.7Kg Canadian Blonde

500g LDM

628g Brown rice syrup

500g BE1

14g chinook 30mins

12g cascade 20mins

10g 5mins

14g cooper's yeast

189g dex for bulk prime

23L water

OG1.052 FG 1.010



The rice makes a crisp taste. I think it should be cold lagered if possible. Using TC Pilsner kit with the lager yeast might might be a good substitute for the Can. Blonde.


After two months in the bottle it is becoming a pretty good thirst slaker. It needs more time, though.


I'd like to hear what you come up with.




PS really... don't use too much Rice or it will end up like BUD![sick]

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Thanks I have been thinking I will call it honeymoon ale(the wife likes the sound of it) and im going to make it full extract

1kg light dry malt extract

500g wheat malt extract

around 750ml liquid rice malt

100g crystal malt

25g sazz hops 60mins

15g pacific jade hops 30min

10g pacific jade at omins

also unsure what yeast to use maybe coopers reculture?


that is the plan at this stage this is the first time a have done a full extract brew so any tweeks or suggestions are welcome[happy]

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