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  1. the 90g of hops might be a bit harsh at first but i reckon they will mellow out after aging for 6 months or so. i reckon i might get some more and have a go at the engish bitter later on [ninja]
  2. Its about time I brewed another vintage ale this is the recipe i was planing on doing. 1 can real ale 1 can pale ale 1kg light dry malt 50g Bramling Cross steep 5 mins 40g Bramling Cross dry hopped recultured yeast or english ale yeast? What does everyone think[biggrin]
  3. [biggrin] cheers thanks for your help i thought as much but then i thought i was over thinking it. too much thinking time for a beer i think[lol]
  4. yes but are there any ill effects form carbonating the bottle at higher temps say 20'
  5. Hello all I brewed a euro lager a month or so ago using the lager yeast it fermented at around 12'c for about 2 1/2 weeks and then bottled. the instructions say leave at least 12 weeks befor drinking should the bottles be conditioned at a lower temp or still at above 18'c would this cause unwanted flavours in the beer? or the small amount of dextrose wont really matter. im brobably looking into it to muck[pinched]
  6. Hi all I am looking for a recipe to get something similar to a Monteith's Doppelbock winter ale. I love this beer and would love to put down a beer similar and let it age until next winter. I would love some suggestions from my fellow brewers
  7. I brewed this one while back it was a cracker and one of my favorite beers i drank the last one only recently and I am going to brew another batch it again soon[biggrin] OS Draught 1 Kg ldme 15g Galaxy Hop pellets 10mins 10g Galaxy Hop pellets dry hopped after 3 days kit yeast
  8. Thanks I have been thinking I will call it honeymoon ale(the wife likes the sound of it) and im going to make it full extract 1kg light dry malt extract 500g wheat malt extract around 750ml liquid rice malt 100g crystal malt 25g sazz hops 60mins 15g pacific jade hops 30min 10g pacific jade at omins also unsure what yeast to use maybe coopers reculture? that is the plan at this stage this is the first time a have done a full extract brew so any tweeks or suggestions are welcome[happy]
  9. Hi all its been a little while since my last post I have just got back from my honeymoon in thailand. apart from all the normal honeymoon activities[bandit] i tried a fair bit of beer i was a bit dissapointed with the comercial beers over there singha is the best and thats not saying much but it goes down well in the heat. I come across a brew bar called full moon brew work in a shopping center in phuket it was great craft beer and the staff where realy friendly they had beers using rice malt and black sticky rice malt. for my first brew back i want to make a beer using some rice malt I remember reading a thread about some you can but at coles but cant find it did anyone end up using some? is it fermentable and will it just add flavour? any help would be much appricated im still thinking up the brew need some more food for thought[biggrin]
  10. Tried the first bottle last night. holy shit what a good drop of beer so early its not as bitter as i thought it would be and has great flavors. Im going to find it hard to forget about this one now i have a feeling it wont last[lol]
  11. sorry i might not have explained it properly ihe connections where all made at the back of the fridge not inside. the controller does not need and earth and the fridge is earthed through the power point i have a sparky mate who i talked to about it befor i did it he said it sounded fine next time he is around i will get him to check it i will ask him about the box
  12. I recenty bought a stc 1000 i wired mine up myself it was fairly easy to do they come with a wiring diagram. I didnt use a condut box or anything there is all small cover on the back of the unit that covers up the wires. I didnt need and extra plug you can get power supply from the fridge itself. Mine just sits on top of the Fridge i didnt think mounting it in the door would be a good idea i just used a 12v down light as the heater in a glass jar that i painted black I have done 4 brews in it now and have not had a problem it works great. but as muddy said if your not confident doing it its probably not worth the risk
  13. The brew was made to 18L 2nd day and the brew has foamed over all over the kitchen bench. Lucky I didnt have this 1 in my brew fridge the other half is not impressed with the mess this morning[lol] i will have to clean it up befor i go to work[crying]
  14. Put down a brew yesterday the recipe goes like this 1 can coopers stout 1 can coopers dark ale 1 kg ldme 15ml liquorice extract 10g cluster hop pellets bolied with malt for 10 mins 15g cluster hop pellets thrown in the fv loose 30ml vanilla essance both kit yeasts the og was approx 1080 so im guessing this will be a really big stout any guess what fg I will get. I was planing to drink some this winter but I dont reckon it will have matured enough[ninja]
  15. [biggrin] I full temp temp cotrol in a fridge best thing i ever did the brew is sitiing at a constant 18.c I only got 25g pack of sazz motueka hops i wont be able to get any more because i have to order it online the local home brew shop doesnt stock a wide range of hops.[crying] Would normal sazz hops to the job as well as the motueka dry hopped
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