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Hi Guys,


I received a package in the mail the other day filled with beer making goodies![cool] I just put down the ever famous "Full Nelson Ale" with my next being the equally famous "Neill's Centenarillo Ale".


In that box of goodies i have some EK Goldings pellets. My question to all is...


What is a good recipe using EKG?


I'll tell you what i was thinking.


1.7Kg Dark Ae


566g LME (amber)

250g Crystal Malt

300g Raw cane sugar

30g EKG 20mins

20g Fuggles 0mins

25g EKG dry hop

23L water

7g Kit yeast



Any comments?



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PB2's Smoty ale[love] [love] [love] is a winner that uses these hops


1.7kg Coopers Australian Pale Ale beer kit

\u2022 1.7kg Coopers Dark Ale beer kit

\u2022 10g East Kent Golding pellets \u2013 15 mins

\u2022 20g East Kent Golding pellets \u2013 steep

\u2022 Both sachets of yeast or ale yeast of your choice


Then again yours dosen't look too shabby


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Kent Golding,Willamette,fuggle are all classic English ale hops. So that should be some indication. I've used it in a couple of my ales,from salvator colored to the dark ale. They suit the cooper's ale yeast quite well.

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