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Paul, naturally fermented beer matures over a long period, say 6 months. My question is how do commercial breweries turn beer out continually, it would seem obvious that they do not have vats of beer sitting around for 6 months or so. Do you know how they do it?

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"naturally" fermented as opposed to?


Perhaps you are referring to the lagering (storage) phase of Lager. Where the beer was stored in cold conditions (as low as -1C) for periods as long as 6 months. With modern refrigeration, this time has shortened.


Ales can ferment in as quick as 2 days! If we talk Real Ales (CAMRA), They can go from mash to pub cellar in two weeks.


Fermentation on a commercial scale is accelerated primarily through pitching large volumes of oxygen enriched yeast, keeping the yeast in suspension (ie in direct contact with the wort) or higher ferment temps. Pressurised fermenters deal with the effects these methods can have on flavour.

It is really downstream from the fermentation where commercial breweries save time; cold conditioning, warm conditioning, filtration, pastuerisation etc.



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