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Possible stuff-up

George J

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So, I put down a Munton's Gold Export Pilsner 3 weekends ago. This kit came with 2 cans of goo and a sachet of yeast. The instructions on the box said mix both cans to 23lt and pitch the yeast - which is what I did.. I put the FV on the dining table since it gets too cold out in the garage. OG was 1041 or thereabouts. I don't remember exactly and cant check till I get home.


Now it being winter and all that, the house tends to get a bit chilly during the day when nobody is home and also at night. So basically, this brew has been at about 15 to 17 deg for the first two weeks. When I checked the SG, it was at 1017 and stuck at that for about a week. So in my infinite wisdom (after a couple of brews), I decided to add another sachet of yeast I had left over from another Munton's brew I had done earlier. Checked the SG this weekend a week after adding the extra yeast and its still at 1017!!! [annoyed]


So after a lot of cursing and bitching about winter and the trouble we brewers have to go through, I rehydrated some Saflager S-23 and pitched that into the FV on Saturday.. It's been bubbling away nicely since then. (I know Muddy, airlock be damned. but this is the bucket FV and I don't have glad wrap wide enough to cover it) [innocent]


So what do u guys think? Am I in for a big let down since the brew contains 2 sachets of some no name brewers yeast plus the S-23? or am I gonna be pleasantly surprised?


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ummm.. couldnt have warmed it up a little? some blankies and a hot water bottle?


sorry mate havnt got the solution for you.. I "guess" most if not all of your flavour has developed, however the s-33 yasst as I understand it will produce a sulphur smell during their ferment. I "suspect" that the kit yeast was an ale yeast if it wasnt handeling those temps... the smell of the ferment if it takes off will tell you.. if this is the case then I guess you will have to lager it for a while..


interesting, I would definatly wash and store some of the yeast..[ninja]




oh yeah.. you can also get gladwrap extra wide[lol]

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I tried warming it up and giving the FV a shake to wake up the kit yeast, but that didn't help. That is why I added the S-23..


about this sulphur smell, when I did the Copper's euro lager with the kit yeast, I could smell it. But when I did Coopers Draught with a S-23 sachet, I didn't get the sulphur smell [pinched]


I'll just keep my fingers crossed that I haven't stuffed up this brew and hope I get a good flavour with the mixed yeasts.. After all, experimentation is the name of the game. [lol]

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