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importing from the US


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So we have a strong Aussie $ compared to the US Greenback. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is an advantage in buying kegs etc from the US and importing them? Looking online kegs appear to be cheaper when converted to the $A however would shipping into the Great Southern Land blow that advantage out of thewater???



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Do a comparison. Kegs + p&h from US to Aust compared to kegs + p&h from a supplier in Aust.


Just go with whatever is cheapest if you are looking for money valuation.


It really isn't that hard to work out.

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I did the "leg work" with comparisons when the AUD hit 1.10

The postage is a killer in regards to large/bulky or heavy items.

the USPS website has a calculator to give you an idea of the cost.


If it helps, the dimensions of two corny kegs packed together in one box is 25x65x50 cm.


I have bought my last 4 kegs from http://www.kegsonline.com.au

at the time it was free delivery.


Other equipment from the US is well worth the wait. I have boought a 20 plate wort chiller for $80 delivered ($190+ here), Taps and Tap shanks, JG fittings, thermostats, weldless bulkheads and thermowells etc.


But it is hops where I am saving a bundle, my favourite is Niko Brew http://www.nikobrew.com/ - last order was approx $60 for just over a kilo of hop pellets - 4 different hops broken up into 2oz vac sealed bags (some opened and inspected by customs then resealed).

A comparison here was $98.50 delivered!

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Also check out freshops.com,they have hops in any form you wish. They sell in two ounce increments,& I do believe you have to buy at least a pound. But they're very good to deal with,& have a large,fresh selection. Good description list too. It lists name,AA% range,flavors expected,& what beers they're typically used in.[love]

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