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Lawnmower Lager with FG of 1.015 for past 5 days .......


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Hello to all


1.7kg Coopers Lager (with long bb date), 1kg BE1, 23 litres, constant 22 deg C, SG 1.038, day 7 1.015, now day 11 and still 1.015 which will give me about 3% ABV. Kit states that FG may be about 1.008 ...... should I gently stir with sanitised spoon or just bottle? Was hoping for about at least 3.5% ABV.



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1015 is about right for your recipe. Your brew will be getting toward 3.5% abv by the time it goes through secondary fermentation in the bottle.


The lawnmower lager recipe is made to 25 litres, the extra 2 litres of water helps to dilute the brew to a lower SG.


In this case, if it smells and tastes okay and you plan to bottle into PET bottles, go ahead and bottle it. [biggrin]

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