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G-day all

I have just made a european lager- with be2, saaz hops, saflager yeast to make 22lts. The yeast was pitched at 20deg and has been sitting at aout 19deg for the last 6 days. The og was 1050 and sg is now 1022.

But the issue is the beer is really clouldy and there seems to be no carbonation when i draw a sample. At the start the water in the air lock was lop sided and there was scum and condersation on the lid. What could cause this and can it be fixed??????

Your help please!!





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You dont need to fix anything...they are all normal signs of fermentation.

I would let it ferment for a few days more if its sitting at 1022. nothing wrong with leaving it in the fermenter for 2 weeks.

If your using a Lager yeast you should be trying to ferment the beer in the low to mid teens for best resaults.

The beer should clear up in the bottle or keg.

There is no carbonation yet because you need to put a measured dose of sugar in your bottles when you fill them or use carb drops. once your bottles are full and sealed, with the sugar or carb drops in them. let them sit at 18c or above for at least 2 weeks. then they should be carbonated.


good luck.

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