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OS Draught, Very Dark Very Bitter?


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Hi All

finaly got around to starting me second batch over the long weekend this time i went with a OS Draught can with BE2. my first was the kit Lager wiht BE1, this was no where near as bitter and i could almost see straight throught the other side of the fementer is was so light, but the Draught is so much darker ?


Is this normal or a possible sign of infection

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Steven, I did a Coopers Draught with BE1 as my first brew recently. I am pretty certain it was a amber/dark gold colour while in the fermenter and a beautiful amber when finally poured into a glass.


I think you will be OK, but some the gurus on here might have more advice than me..

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i just pitched a batch of OS draught on Saturday morning after reading this topic is there much difference in the taste between bitter and draught?



Depends upon what you are exactly trying to compare...

A Bitter is a style of English Pale Ale (BJCP Style 8) including

8A. Standard/Ordinary Bitter.

8B. Special/Best/Premium Bitter.

8C. Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale)


AABC Style 8 including

8.1 Australian Bitter Ale

8.2 English Best Bitter

8.3 English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)

8.4 D\xfcsseldorfer Altbier


Draught is a term made up by a brewery's marketing department to indicate their beer is served on tap.

Carlton Draught is a Lager, Victoria Bitter is ALSO a lager in bottles or draught, confused yet? try this one for amusement! Tooheys New is a lager that is stored and cold conditioned (lagered), Toohey's Old is brown Ale that is NOT stored, therefore Old is new and New is old

[pinched] Need Beer[pinched]


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Ok,I might as well blurt it out. I've picked up the supplies to brew an ale in the same vein as my Summer Pale some 1,900 of you followed so far. But this time,I decided to use the OS Draught as a base. I'm going to add 3lbs of Munton's plain light DME (used plain extra light last time). The kit yeast in a small starter. Works really well. I got 1oz of Saaz hops,forgot I needed 2. So,IDK if I'll add an ounce of Willamette to that,or just get another ounce of Saaz.? Should get some serous amber color. Maybe cut the bitterness a little. I love the buiscotti-like sweetnes of the Munton's dry malt with these cooper's kits.[love]

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Muddy,I called the thread "pale ale" in the recipe resource,page 2 at the moment. I do believe I posted a pic of it too. But,to quickly recap,The Summer Pale ale was composed of 1 OS lager can,3lbs Munton's plain extra light DME,kit yeast in a 1 1/2C starter with 1/4C DME. 1oz Kent Golding hop pellets for 15mins in brew kettle water. 1oz Willamette hops for 1 week dry hop. Topped off to 23L,brewed at 20C for the 3 weeks it took to get down to FG. OG was 1.044,FG 1.012,for 4.8%ABV. Best at 3 weeks@21C to age/carbonate. 5-6 days in the fridge. If you like English ales to relax with after some yard work,or waiting on the bbq,this is tasty.

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