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Yeast saving and culturing question


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When you reculture the yeast, EG like from a few coopers bottles or from some Whitelabs Californian Ale yeast or what ever yeast.

I put some clear liquid from the carboy in 750 ml sterilised bottle with some boiled wort I have cooled. I gets going and I add to it over 3 or so days and you get a nice head, under that clear beer liquid and on the bottom the yeast cake develops.


Do I throw the whole lot in or just the top clear liquid bit? What is best.

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See Reactivating Coopers Comercial Yeast


If you are removing liquid from a carboy it sounds to me like you want to creat a starter and unless you let the samples ferment out you really shouldn't get much of a yeast cake. With a starter you really want to step up (at about 1:10 ratio) just before the yeast start to ferment. The idea is to reproduce healthy yeast numbers to pitch.

The link above is pretty easy to follow for reactivating comercial yeast.



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