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1st Brew :(((


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Hi, not sure who this is going to but i need some advise please.

I have recently joined the home brew brigade and have put down a Coopers heritage series sparkling ale. In my over enthusiasm and amidst all the excitement i failed to add the recommended 500g sugar and 300g of malt pwder that is recommended in the isntructions ie: i only added the light malt extract. My question is will it still work out?? what are the ramifications of my carelesness??? should i dump and start again ??? please help


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G'day Alf - Welcome [biggrin]


She'll be right mate don't dump it. I've never made a Sparkling Ale with only the ingredients you used but I reckon you'll still have a good beer on your hands. It'll probably come out at around 4.5%.


Let us know how it turns out [cool]

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