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Hi tyler,


welcome to the guild.[cool]


all depends on the temp you brew at. the warmer the temp. the faster it finishes. that's not always a good thing. i brewed a 1.7 Kg Can. Blonde


with some hop addition

7g cooper's yeast pitched @ 27C

brewed @ 21C


i bottled it after 12 days but i it was done at 10 days when i checked it. Leaving your beer for a few days extra won't hurt and will only help.. your beer will clear up some and as Weggl said "your beer doesn't know if it's in the bottle of not."



the Canadian Blonde kit is very good.[love] i hope your treats you right.[happy]



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i strongly recommend you spend some quality time here at the guild and ask lots of questions or sit back and let some one else ask them for you.[cool] follow all advice PB2 has to say and always practice his mantra fresh:

fresh ingredients+proper sanitation+good temp. control=good beer.[rightful]


oh and brew lots of beer and let it age for a couple of month. i truly gets much better with age.[cool] [biggrin]

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The speed of fermentation also depends on the amount of quality yeast that is there as well.


The idea is to get a good amount of quality yeast which is done by getting the freshest stuff (latest Best Before Date), Fermenting at the best temperature (for Ales that would be around 20C) and making sure everything is sanitised.


If you follow the above rules you should make great beer

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