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Gladly Wrapped!


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This is my new 120 litre lager brew! Finally got the barrel delivered today, and drilled a hole in it for the tap. I'm brewing this for a big party in about a months time. Pretty excited. I also thought i'd have a go at using glad wrap (or cling film as its called here in Scotland). Let's hope it works...







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There's 120 litres in it. I used:


3 cans of lager,

3 cans of draught,

3 lots of BE1,

3 lots of BE2,

2 kilos of dextrose

and dry hopped it with 100g of cascade.


I really, really, really hope there's no problems with it. I sanitised the hell out of everything because it's quite a lot of ingredients to lose if something goes wrong. It's looking pretty good just now... it's just starting to foam up nicely!

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