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Rob (Guinness Man)

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Hello all,

Just finished my first brew of European Lager. Worked out perfectly. Brewed it in temperatures of 13-15 degrees and bottled it with a hydrometer reading of 1.015. Little weak in alcohol as I'm used to a strong 5.5% lager. Thanks for all the help, those who replied to my posts.


I'm going to launch another brew as was thinking of trying Heritage Lager. Its still a little cold here in Spain so can't use normal yeast. Does Heritage Lager come with the same winter yeast found in European Lager?


I will try the recipe on the Coopers website, 1 can of Heritage Lager and 1 can of light malt extract. I don't have access to the Coopers carbonation drops so how much normal sugar would I need to add to each 330ml bottle for the carbonation process?








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1015 sounds a bit high for FG - what was the recipe again?


Information about our kit yeast is here


Prime at slightly less than 3g per 330ml bottle - if you have another vessel, bulk priming, may work out better for you. About 180g of sugar to 23 litres.



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Thanks for the reply. According to the link it says Heritage Lager - Ac+L (26807 PS) Am I right in reading it contains both types of yeast?


The recipe for European Lager was the standard one. Can + Brewing Enhancer #1. I did not have access to a can of light malt extract so it was not added. Will try adding a can with the second batch. Yeast was added with a temp around 22 degrees. Then the fermentation was over 3-4 weeks at 13-15 degrees.





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