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Best Extra Stout Suggestions


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I'm thinking about making the Best Extra Stout but instead of

\u2022 1.7kg can Original Series Stout

\u2022 1.5kg Thomas Coopers Dark Malt Extract

\u2022 500g Sugar/Dextrose


im thinking about using

\u2022 irish stout can,

\u2022 dark malt can

\u2022 and maybe 300g of golden syrup.


Any thoughts on this? I don't have any dextrose in the house so it's either golden syrup, plain white sugar, light muscavado sugar, or honey.


Any sugar suggestions are most welcome. I'm most interested in either the golden syrup, the muscavado or the honey, but i don't what they might come out like.




p.s. i should say that i'm not trying to replicate the Best Extra Stout, just trying to make something that tastes great

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Whilst I am ignoring the not trying to replicate the Best Extra Stout, I make my stout with:

- 1 x OS Coopers Stout

- 1 x OS Coopers Dark Ale

- 1kg of Brewing sugar or Dextrose.


Since you dont have the Dextrose or the Can of Dark Ale, you could try the can of stout with the malt extract and nothing else. I would be inclined to even try and put 300g or so of brown sugar in it.

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