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Citra hops - the ultimate new light beer brewing hops?


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I just want to recap my story... I bought some malt (grain) from a guy and he.. did not had a change to pay me back, so I accepted his deal and.. got a 200g of Citra hops.


First wiff revealed a fantastic and gorgeous grape fruit smell mingled with the melon and freshly cut grass.


My first impression was - oh my, this will make a lovely beer on its own, and so I did tried it out. I made a batch of beer with just one type of malt (light Pils) and these hops, just to test out the taste in "pure form".




there there...



trust me, it tastes as delicious as it looks! seriously - very light beer with the aroma of the citrus fruit garden and freshly cut grass... and melons - cant relay it fully - you have to taste it.


Anyhow, I truly believe that Citra hops will be absolutely fabulous addition to the IPA styles and pale ales.


I have full beermith recipe with all the mash profiles posted here: http://alusmuca.lv/blonda-citra-majas-alus-ar-neparastu-garsu/ - just skip down to the brewing sheet if youre not interested but!


I truly belive, that Citra hops can be fantastic addition to the Coopers Bitter, Pale Ale (and Ori Lager) and fantastic way to dry hop IPA...


Its official - I fel in love with Citra - its truly gorgeous hops!




the point of this post is that, in my humble opinion, Citra will make fantastic addition to the Coopers Canadian Blonde, Original Lager, Pale Ale, English Bitter and IPA *cowers to await for critics... with another beer*

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