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How much Sugar's in a can?


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Does anyone know how much fermentable sugar is in the average brew can? I'm sure that each different type of beer can has its own amount of sugar in it, but does anyone know, even roughly, how much sugar is in the average 1.7 kg can?


The only reason that i ask is that i'm going to try to make a cider from a few bottles of concentrated diluting juice. This stuff is amazing, but it also has NO fermentable sugars in it (its just aspartame etc).


So I'm thinking about using, say, 6 litres of this stuff, an ale yeast, a standard 1 kg bag of dextrose, and as much sugar as would normally be present in a pre-hopped can of brew. All made up to 23 litres.


It's just an experiment, and it might come out tasting like cats piss, but i think its worth a try. Just need to find out how much extra sugar to add.

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Here's a discussion which talks about the amount of fermentables in a can among other things


A 1.7kg beer kit is around 80-81% solids, which is effectively about 1.36kg dry weight.


PB2 would be talking about 1.36kg LDME. Adding straight white sugar would result in a higher ABV% I would think as it ferments more completely. Can someone correct me if I am wrong? White sugar does go well in a cider though. Another tip is try add some pear juice in as well. I know this is very popular in the UK.


I've done 1 kit cider and added 1kg sugar and 1.8l of pear juice. It was nice to start with and getting better with age. My next attempt is to try make a proper old cloudy scrumpy cider. I haven't done much research into it though. May need to leave the kit aside and use cloudy apple juice. I reckon the scheming up new recipes and experimentation is the best part about homebrewing.


PS: PB2 I reckon Coopers should put out a cider kit.

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