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Dunkel recipe?


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Hi John,


I made a Schwarzbier last winter using: 1.7Kg Euro Lager

600g LLME

250g DLME

200g Choc Malt grain

100g Black Malt grain

400g Dextrose

15g Northern Brewer pellets (20 Mins) 11.5G W34/70 yeast (starter prepared 48hrs prior)

Ferment Btwn 12-15 deg. C.


I'd say it turned out more like a Tooheys Old than any of my attempts at actually making one. Happy accident I suppose. Bit more body than the real thing and maybe a hint of raisins or prunes in the mix. Kind of leads me to believe Tooheys Old might be made with a lager yeast.


Anyway if I was going to go for a Dunkel I'd probably double the DLME and leave out the Black malt. Pretty close to what you're suggesting actually! A bit of choc malt would still be worth the effort IMHO.


Good luck.[kissing]

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Thanks for the tips, Borris, gives me something to work with.


My brew planning has gone a bit 'brew it with lager yeast' mad, after finding a fermenting spot in out draughty old farm house that appears to stay in the 12 - 13 C range whatever the weather, and a corner of an old brick slaughter house (yep, in Victorian times, it was exactly what it sounds like!) that stays around 2 - 3 C range for the lagering stage.



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Here is a thread about making Dark Lagers from last year.


Another simple recipe might be:

1.7kg can of Heritage Lager

1.5kg can of Dark Malt

Mix to 23 litres.

Ferment with the kit yeast at around the 15C-16C mark.


Best not to lager at cold temp' if you are planning to naturally condition.

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