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Brew Additive Rules


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Being just a novice in this whole brewing biz I was wanting to get some info on the does and donts on home brewing.

I've had a few ideas on aditives for my next brew.

Question - Can I ad a dash of liquer to my fermenter?

I'm quite partial to Jagermeister and I sometimes ad a little nip to my glass.

Also thinkin some parsley or maybe salt?

Can I ad these to my mix/brew?

At the end of the day it's a taste thing but I'm just not sure whether these aditives would compromise my brew. Would love to hear some thoughts

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Brew additives are limited by your own imagination and availability of the dreamt up item. [devil]


Some things do really well while others just don't go well in beer but you can only know this by trying it for yourself.[wink]


Also, some additives (with a significant ingredient) may not go so well in a brew while the "significant ingredient" by itself does okay - eg. I find Gin (strongly flavoured with juniper berries) to be very average in beer while juniper berries do okay.


A few rules I work by:


- sanitise ingredients if organic or you have some doubt about the microbial load.


- if possible check it out by adding to a single bottle rather than a whole brew.


- err on the side of small additions first.


- don't confuse things for yourself by combining multiple "first try" additives


As for adding a liquer - I added Cointreau to a Choc-Orange Wheat Beer and it gave it that extra "something" I was looking for [biggrin]

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Well,I found that liquors (scotch,bourbon,etc) Were added by maturing the beer in the used wood casks that the liquors in question had been aged in. I also found that the slang name "whiskely" was used from colonial times up through the 1920's. I thought of getting some oak chips & soaking them in bourbon till saturated,then adding that to secondary with any dry hoping being done. IMO,it'd make a better blend. I'm going to try that myself with a recipe I worked up from what was originally done.

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