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DIY Fermenter Dimensions


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Can someone please confirm the dimensions of a DIY fermenter?


Sorry, I am at work at the moment so I can't measure my fermenter and I have an oportunity to get a fridge for $40 with the following internal dimensions:


Depth = 400mm

Width = 420mm

Height = 830mm


The height should be right but if my memory serves me correctly, I think the width of a fermenter was about 400. Therefore I am thinking this maybe too narrow for me, or not deap enough, to use for fermenting.

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This is what PB2 said in the main DIY kit post:


FV with Krausen Kollar and Lid: 55cm tall

FV with Lid only: 48cm tall

Lid is 36.5cm across and 40cm at the tabs

Footprint is 25cm x 25cm


If you keep the tabs to the side you should squeeze it in.




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Thanks Dan

I think it might just squeeze in if that is the case, but I would like a little bit of room though as this appears pretty close. I may have to wait until the current brew is finished then take it with me to check and if it has been sold then I guess it's just bad luck :(

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