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same yeast. different smell

Canadian Eh!L

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hi al,


i've been trying to re-culture a commercial yeast(sierra navada PA). i made two starters roughly around the same time as per PB2's instructions. i let them ferment out until no visable activity. i lifted the lid on the both and gave a wiff to both. to my suprise they had two different odours. that seemed strange, i though. i then took the one that smelled better to my nose and pitched it into another jar with 2L of dex wort to try and cultivate it futher.


here's my questions:


1. what's up with the different smells? i was very carful with my sanitation and there is no visable signs of wild infection.


2. should i have used a wort of malt EX instead of the 2nd DEX wort?


3. how do i know when i have cultivated enough yeast to pitch into a 23L brew?


4. should i just start all over again.[crying]

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How would you describe the aromas?


Coopers conditioned ales are somewhat unique with yeast health and the amount available per bottle. The yeast in most other bottle conditioned beer requires more coaxing and TLC to get going.

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