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help for a pom in nz who loves coopers


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Grozg.....welcome to another Kiwi!


The best suppliers I have found for coopers in Chch is actually the BinInn chain, alternatively try Pakn'Save....although if you are looking for the non-standard range (international,etc) you might struggle - It took me ages to track down a Canadian Blonde kit....and it came from that trusty ol' Trademe site..had great service from the trader who incidently has a store and website




Cheers, and good luck



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Yay there are a few kiwis here!


The best place we have here is Bin Inn as well, plenty of supplies ie bottles & extras, although not a huge range of flavours to choose from.


There are plenty of people on Trademe too, and their prices although a little more expensive aren't too bad. Just might have to order a couple each time to justify the freight cost.


Just tested my first brew which has been sitting in the fridge bubbling away, and it's ready for bottling tomorrow. Can't wait to try it.




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