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Thomas Coopers Sparkling ale


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Hi all just started this brew and like to share the information.


1.7 kg TC Sparkling ale can

500gms LDM Coopers

500gms Dextrose HBS

500gms light liquid malt HBS

POR @ 5min boil 12 gms

Target 12 gms @ flameout

1 Teaspoon Calcium Sulphate


White lab California ale yeast WlP oo1 pitched at 22c


OG 1042



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Nice one matty, i didn't quite follow the recipe as i didn't have the 1.5kg of TC malt, so i used 1/2kg light liquid malt and bumped the dextrose to 500gms.


See how it turns out its not that much different i suppose.



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