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Sugar Disaster?


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As i posted earlier, im making an IPA. But instead of using the 500g of light malt extract and 300g of dextrose that it asks for, i added 800g of brew enhancer 1.


I just read that brew enhancer 1 only has 60% fermentable sugar in it. So i've only added about 480g of dextrose to 23 litres. Is this way too little? I'm really worried and considering sterilising a cup, mixing the rest of the brew enhancer with some boiled water, then pouring it into the vat (probably through the airlock hole)


Any ideas? I'm pretty new to this so im not sure how much straight dextrose a beer should have in it.

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dextose is generally use to increase the alcohol content to the beer without adding extra body. it with give you "cidery tastes" in your beer if used too much. it's said that anything less than 15% of all your sugars is ok. (approx.500grams per 23L). the beer might be a little lower ABV% but that is not always a bad thing.


i don't think i would bother adding any extra to your beer now. what i would do is take good notes of your recipe. who knows, maybe you'll like what you've come up with. the next time try it the other way. experimenting with ingredients is a good thing!


i seem to be way off whenever i post advice so we'll see what the rest of the boys think.


what was the O.G. of the brew? the F.G. might not be exactly what you are expecting. probably a little higher.

good luck



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Thanks for the response.


I haven't added anything else to it, so im just assuming that it'll come out at about 4% or something. The OG was about 1.044, and today it's down to about 1.022.


And yeah, maybe you're right; I might end up quite liking the beer that it makes... you never know. 4% is a bit weaker than i was hoping for, but i suppose it's not a total disaster


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